Wednesday, July 19, 2006


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Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Am I a Madwoman?

A few months back, there was talk at my church of a team to go out to Israel and do some ministry work out there, as well as seeing some sights. I was compelled by this idea and decided to go as part of the team.

So much hard work has been put in through the last few months. So when only a short while ago all the trouble happened with Lebanese militants and Israel, we became increasingly worried. One of the first thoughts was to postpone the trip if the situation escalated and it seems that it will. But about 10 minutes ago I received an email from another team member. This put me in a bit of a paradoxical situation - I am a complete anal control freak, but as a Christian believe it is the choice of God between life and death. Thus, this email suggesting "Not my will, but yours" was a struggle.

However, I have decided that if everyone else does, then so will I. Yes, I will be scared as a rabbit, but I get the feeling this is just something I have to do.

People must thing I am insane - I probably am. The purpose of this blog is then to detail the events of the trip just out of interest and also to reassure those, who with good reason, are worrying.

I think perhaps it is also to calm myself.

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